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Alex Meced discusses the differences between Structured and Unstructured data and why it matters. Follow Alex on twitter @amdatalakehouse Join the slack at DataNation.slack
  1. #6 – Structured vs Unstructured Data
  2. #5 – Data Normalization and Denormalization
  3. #4 Database Indexing
  4. #3 Database Partitioning and Bucketing
  5. #2 Database Views and Materialized Views

#6 – Typescript and Typing Web Dev 101 – The Alex Merced Coder Podcast

Alex Merced discusses what is Typescript and Typing. Follow Alex on twitter @alexmercedcoder Find tutorials and videos at devNursery.com and Grokoverflow.com
  1. #6 – Typescript and Typing
  2. #5 – Web Assembly (WASM)
  3. #4 – Javascript
  4. #3 CSS
  5. #2 – HTML
Alex Merced discusses how to think about inflation and politics during inflation and how culture wars can be turned into culture discussions for better outcomes.follow Alex on twitter @alexmerced Support the show
  1. Discussing Inflation and Improving Culture for Everyone
  2. Understanding Raising Interest Rates and Inflation
  3. The Left, Right, Billianaires and Philanthropy
  4. Inflation, the causes, how to deal with it, and the politics
  5. Austrian Business Cycle Theory Overview