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43 – Building a Data Lakehouse on your Laptop DataNation – Podcast for Data Engineers, Analysts and Scientists

In just a few commands, you can have everything you need to practice ingestion and querying with popular data software. Just install Docker and then run the commands in the image. You can also follow the directions in this blog:https://lnkd.in/eDiC8fc6 Also try out this video series:https://lnkd.in/gp843ErM
  1. 43 – Building a Data Lakehouse on your Laptop
  2. 42 – Window Functions and Apache Iceberg Metadata Tables
  3. 41 – Databricks’ “Open” Problem and the Need for an Agnostic Intermediate Data Lakehouse Table Format
  4. 40 – Big Announcements for Apache Iceberg, Delta Lake and Apache Hudi from Snowflake and Databricks
  5. 39 – What are Dremio’s Data Reflections and why are they so cool!
Alex Merced talks about cross origin cookies, read his blog on the topic here: https://dev.to/alexmercedcoder/expressjs-handling-cross-origin-cookies-38l9
  1. 31 – Cross-Origin Cookies
  2. 30 – Generative AI for Web Developers
  3. 29 – Monolith vs Serverless Application Architecture
  4. BONUS: What is Object Storage like AWS S3, Minio and more!
  5. BONUS: The Big Picture at a Tech Company (Engineering, Product, Marketing, Sales)

8 – Understand the Relationship between Inflation and Government Spending (Exploring Mechanisms) Economics and Finance for N00bs with Alex Merced

Alex Merced discusses– what is inflation how it is always a monetary event– how central banks manage money supply– how gov spending influences central banks
  1. 8 – Understand the Relationship between Inflation and Government Spending (Exploring Mechanisms)
  2. 8 – Explaining the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
  3. 7 – The Process of Buying and Home and Mortgage Rates
  4. 6 – Understanding the Inverse Relationships between Rates and Prices
  5. 5 – Understanding the Tech Layoffs
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  1. 7 – How to help Focus yourself
  2. 6 – Top 3 Rules to Living Healthier
  3. 5 – Exercise and its role in Weight Loss
  4. 4 – Carbs, Fibers and Sugar (Glucose, Sucrose and Fructose)
  5. 3 – Probiotics, Fermented Foods and Fiber